2018 Registration Update

I hope your summer has been wonderful!
For me it's been completely filled and flown by faster than ever before!

In past years registration has been the first Monday in August; unfortunately this year we will have to push registration a little back. Part of our summer has been praying about what God wants us to do and one thing He has shown is for us to look for another church to partner with with faculties.

Calvary church has been a wonderful host to this ministry for the last 20 odd years. Last year we had issues with hallway space and classroom temperatures leading us to believe moving is in the best interest and safety for our students and their families.

As soon as we have information about the coming year we'll let you know as soon as possible. Our team is just as excited to start as the students!

We've also had a chance to update a few other things during the summer. One of those things being our website. It might not always be physically noticeable but the update will help us in organization and communications.

Another change we've made is we will be taking payments at registration via our website. First day of classes are so chaotic, we're trying to streamline these crazy days.

Keep us in your prayers as we are in talkswith several churches and this ministry makes yet another difficult decision and feels even more growing pains.

Apologetically and Sincerely,
Amber Hoffman

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