About Veneration Dance

Veneration Dance LogoVeneration Dance is a nonprofit ministry focusing on the worship of God through the training of students ages 3 to adult in the performing art of dance. Classes include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Hula, Lyrical, and Flamenco. Each Spring Veneration Dance performs a heartening and uplifting free presentation with all its students and at times associated ministries. It is partners with Calvary Albuquerque for the furtherance of the gospel and the growth of the arts within Churches. Calvary Albuquerque has provided facilities for the ministry for 20 years.

Veneration provides a Christian environment with an emphasis on family values influencing its movement, music, and costumes. Its scheduling fairly follows APS’ starting in September and running through May. Veneration strives to be as affordable as possible and charges as little as possible each year. It is not a formal dance studio with professional teachers but volunteers who are chosen not just by their abilities in dance but the positive impact they will make on the lives of their students regardless of age.

Veneration Dance’s ultimate goal and purpose is to live up to its name, to bring adoration, reverence, respect, and honor to the name of God in all it does but especially through dance.

About Veneration Dance’s Director

Amber Hoffman has been dancing since she was 8 years old and was trained in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern at Hayden’s School of Ballet. As a teenager God changed her heart and direction of her dance career when he called her away from her dance studio to serve in ministry using the training she received. Amber has been a part of Veneration Dance, previously Life Movement Productions/Calvary Dance Ministry, for over 15 years and has been directing for 9 years. In 2015 she became the president of Veneration Dance Inc. when it changed from a ministry of Calvary Albuquerque to a separate nonprofit organization. She leads alongside her husband Nate Hoffman who serves as Vice President and Technical Director. They have been married for 8 years and have two children together.