Rules and Regulations

What to wear

1.) Ballet and Lyrical ‐ Leotards, Tights or pants (jazz or yoga style), Ballet slippers canvas or leather; pink for girls, black for boys

2.) Jazz ‐ Leotards or tee shirt, pants (jazz or yoga style), black jazz oxfords shoes, canvas or leather

3.) Hip Hop ‐ Tee shirt, pants (any style), tennis shoes with smooth sole

4.) Flamenco ‐ Leotard, long skirt, black character or flamenco shoes

5.) Hula – general work out clothing, optional sarong or Pa’u

For all classes hair needs to be worn up and out of face


What not to wear

1.) No inappropriate clothing including low cut shirts, short shorts, mid drifts


How to make the best of your class(s)

1.) For younger students, take them to the bathroom before class

2.) Be prompt in picking up children from class

3.) Parents are asked to wait outside during dance classes unless teacher specifies differently. This is for security and teaching reasons.

4.) Stay on top of all paperwork


Calvary Rules

1.) No food or drink on any carpeted areas except water

2.) Do not allow your children to run or yell through the halls.

3.) Do not play in any classrooms

4.) Do not disrupt those working

4.) Don’t leave any messes behind, including chairs


Dance Ministry Rules

1.) Every parent/student must sign a waiver in order to participate

2.) Students under age 10 must be must be picked up by a parent with provided tags

3.) Only 3 absences per year (notification not necessary)

 Sick absences Do Not Count

10 minutes late for class will count as an absence

4.) Parent and/or a family member are required to volunteer for our year end performance

5.) Payment is due two weeks after classes begin and is a requirement. Please turn in payments directly to Veneration. Sorry, no reimbursements.

$65.00 fee per student

This covers 1 class, 1 costume, and the year end performance

$40.00 for each additional class

6.) We have to right ask anyone to leave the ministry for misconduct which includes but not limited to foul language, bullying, lack of participation, not abiding by rules given by Veneration or instructors, etc.