2017-2018 Parent Meeting Notes

August 26th, 2017

Parent Meeting Notes

We talked about so many things I hardly know where to start. We are so excited to see what the Lord does this year!

Veneration Jr.
Lead by Priscilla Gomez

The Biggest change of the year was the split of Veneration Jr. This was not an easy decision to come by but a prayerful one. Here are the main plans we have for this new venture.

1.) They will have a separate performance geared toward their age group in a large enough venue (about 500) to perfectly fit this group (currently looking for venue).
2.) Performance will be based on the Goliath portion of David’s life.
3.) Monthly Bible lessons, verses, and crafts on subject with performance.
4.) Still in the works, Nursing home outreaches
5.) All groups parents will work with each other in volunteering so everyone will have a chance to be in the audience.

There are still many moving parts to this change that have to be worked out. Please keep in mind this is a test year and as such we’re likely to make mistakes along the way. We’re growing and changing, it’s a hard path for a ministry.

The classes effected this year are Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3 and Lyrical 1.

If all goes well and the Lord blesses this change more classes will be added next year. If not, we will pray for the next step we take and move forward in His calling.

Veneration Drama
Lead by Paul Dore’

Another big part of this coming year is the continuing of drama from last year. We’re excited to see how God uses this art to draw people to Him.
Drama will be for both semesters with an audition in January for ages 10 and up open to the those in and outside the ministry. Drama will also be used in both performances.

Ministry focus for the year

Although there will be two performances this year our goal is create continuity within the ministry regardless of age with scripture and teaching.

Both performances will be based on the life of David in scripture. The younger performance, yet to be named, will be focusing on the uplifting traits of David (aimed for beginning of April) while the older performance, Lifesong: The Story of David, will be focused on his character and struggles. (aimed for the beginning of May).

All three groups (Jr, Drama, Dance) will be working side by side all year long and hold the other accountable.

Check in

Yet another change in Veneration this year is student check in.
This is going to be another trial and error process for the ministry.
Check in will be at the front table located at the west Hub doors.

Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Lyrical 1, Hula Child, Jazz 1, and Flamenco Beginner will check in every week and receive two tags. 1 tag will have the students name, security number, and any listed allergies, this tag will go on the student. The second tag will have a matching security number. *This second tag is required in order for student to be released from class.

*Unless arrangements have been made with teacher students in listed classes will not be allowed to be released even to go to another class. We have to guarantee a teacher is present before students can enter classroom for safety reasons. A problem from last year.

For all other classes
Check in will be just like the younger classes minus the tags. For the first week check in will not be required for older classes as we are trying to make sure all younger students are properly check in but it will be required all other weeks.

If the check in system ever has a time when it is not properly functioning all students will proceed to class where teachers will take a temporary attendance.


Please read through all registration paperwork and fill out/turn in waiver before the first day of class. All paperwork has been attached to this email, you can also pick up a folder on the first day of class if you were not able to attend the parent meeting.

Along with update emails, all Veneration group communications and calendars will be at the front table located at the west Hub doors.

Please stay up to date on all information provided including verses and monthly discussions.

Important Flamenco Information
Not mentioned at meeting

We love our teachers and the time they volunteer to this ministry. We want to make sure each teacher has the right priorities, God, family, then ministry. In order to provide this to our wonderful flamenco teacher, every 4th Saturday there will be no class for this semester. I hope you will also be able to take advantage of this monthly break.

Dancewear Swap

One of our goals as a ministry is to make things as affordable as possible. If you are in need of dancewear or have gently used dancewear to donate you can contact Betty at betty at veneration.dance.

2017-2018 Class times and locations
View the Calvary Albuquerque campus map

Adult Lyrical - Joanna - H2
Lyrical 1 – Deborah - Plex

Jazz 1 - Krystal - H5
Lyrical 2 - Deborah - Plex
Ballet 1 - Priscilla - H4
Hip Hop 1 - Adrianna - H2

Ballet 3 - Amber - H2
Jazz 2 - Skylar - H4
Hula Child - Krystal - H5
Hip Hop 2 - Priscilla - Plex

Flamenco Beginner – Katrina – Plex
Adult Hula - Krystal - H4
Ballet 2 - Katy - H2

Intermediate - Katrina - Plex

Drama - Paul - H5
Adult Hip Hop (test) - Joanna - H2
Hip Hop 3 – Hannah - H4(1:00)/Plex (1:30)

Lyrical 3 - Amber - H2(2:00)/Plex (2:30)

If you have any further questions or we did not cover a portion please to not hesitate to ask

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