2017-2018 Schedule is here!

2017-2018 Dance year is looking to be a great year.

Please look through the schedule carefully as some classes have age restrictions.
Registration will begin on August 7th at 9:00 AM.
Note: Registration for each class may not open on the same day. Full details to come.

Veneration Jr. classes
2017-2018 test year

9:00 AM
Lyrical 1 ( ages 8-10) Miss Deborah Dorl

10:00 AM
Ballet 1 (ages 3-4) Miss Priscilla Gomez

11:00 AM
Ballet 3 (ages 7-8) Miss Amber Hoffman

12:00 PM
Ballet 2 (ages 5-6) Miss Katy Sanders

Veneration Drama

1:00 PM
Drama (ages 12+) Mr. Paul Dore'

Younger students interested will need to contact teacher directly through contact form

Veneration Dance Classes

9:00 AM
Adult Lyrical (ages 18+) Miss Joanna King

10:00 AM
Jazz 1 (ages 7-10) Miss Krystal Bixel
Lyrical 2 (ages 11+) Miss Deborah Dorl
Hip Hop 1 (ages 10+/Girls only) Miss Adrianna Lopez

11:00 AM
Jazz 2 (ages 11+) Miss Skylar Schroff
Hula Child (ages 7-10) Miss Krystal Bixel
Hip Hop 2 (ages 10+) Miss Priscilla Gomez

12:00 PM
Adult Hula (ages 11+) Miss Krystal Bixel
*Flamenco Beginner (ages 6-10) Miss Katrina Sisneros

12:30 PM
*Flamenco Intermediate (ages 11+) Miss Katrina Sisneros

1:00 PM
**Adult Hip Hop (ages 18+) - Miss Joanna King
Hip Hop 3 - Miss Hannah Gonzales (1 and half hour long class)

2:00 PM
Lyrical 3 - Miss Amber Hoffman (ages 13+ by invitation only)

*Classes overlap but remain 1 hour long
**Test class pending, and dependent on number of students registered

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