Registration Update

We have good news! Calvary is allowing us to continue using the facility while we look for another home!!! This means we can hold registration with no delay! This is such a blessing and answer to prayer! We may be at Calvary the whole Fall or just a month, we're not sure but we are resting in His provisions and grace.We're currently looking into several of your suggestions for locations but all things take time.

Registration will begin the first Monday in August (08/7/17) at 9:00am.

Class schedules are being finalized and should be released within the next week.

We had quite an exciting year last year and we're even more excited for what's coming! Attached is a summary of last year and what we have coming this new year! If you have any feedback for our changes let us know.
We can't wait to begin a new year with you and serve God in ministry beside you!

Veneration Dance

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